Discuss the meaning of environmental education? Write also importance of Environmental Education.

Meaning of Environmental Education : A great scholar, T. Remant told that man become slowly in favour of physic, social and spiritual environment. In the same way other scholar Bossing wrote that the act of education is to adjust with human and environment, so that both human and society gain satisfaction. Thomson wrote “environment is a teacher and the act of education is to prepare the students according to environment.” The foundation of ancient education was keep on the basis of environmental education. The education was provide to the students according to nature. The meaning of environment education is to tell the students about the various components of nature. So homes, families and society all are the part of environment. In these the nature is first keep should develop in students the awareness towards nature to understand the meaning of environment. The study of bio and non-bio components and its relation is real environmental education.

Importance of Environmental Education : To provide the knowledge of environment based on local students, is not only attract toward nature but also it increase to curious tendency. So, we must product the sympathetic in his mental so that he can add a relation with environment. Nature provide support to human to become sympathetic. And it depend on human that how much he is aware toward nature. Today it is compulsory that from the primary stage we should sow the seed in students of curious toward environment. The main aim to add the environment education in primary stage is to tell the students importance of nature and add relation with the nature. Famous scholar Ross wrote, that teachers completely forget to environment who look towards personal aim of education. In this reference students life become a meaningless word. Human is depend on nature for his whole requirements. To the students provide the knowledge in natural situation in spite of school and colleges artificial environment. Naturalist system is based on students real life study.