Explain about Chipko Andolan and different forestery programmes ?

Chipko Andolan

The beginning of the revolutionary step as movement for conservation of forest began in 1972 at Tihari Garhwal in Uttar Pradesh (now in Uttaranchal) which is called Chipko Andolan (movement). The inspirer of Chipko. Andolan was Sunder Lal Bahuguna. When thc forests were cut down indiscriminately at Garhwal then women of Garhwal district decided that one woman should cling to one tree if some one tries to cut it. As such, when labourers came with axe to cut trees, they did not dare to cut the trees.

Such first public revolution had started much early in 1971 at Khejarli village in Marwar (Jodhpur). The then Maharaja of Jodhpur had ordered to cut down trees for fuel wood. Against this a resolution started under the leadership of courageous and fearless lady Amrita Devi. 363 members of Vishnoi caste clung to Khejdi trees. All of them were cut down along with the wood of the trees. This event sparked the movement for conservation of trees and forests.

The main aims of Chipko Andolan were as follows:
(1) To plant trees of environmental importance more in comparison to trees of business importance.
(2) To develop social and agricultural forestry
(3) To oppose the construction of big dams to keep a balance in ecosystem.
(4) To grow fruit bearing plants for economic importance.

Forestry Programmes

(A) Social Forestry Programme: This programme was started in 1976. To preserve the land and water in present time to save the forest in this programme, the grass, fuel and other bushes are planting by villages. In this programme multi-purpose trees plant and do its preservation.

(B) Agro Forestry Programme: Its objective was to alive the ancient agricultural system. It was told to the farmers that in fertile land, how they can keep continue the planting and husbandary in same land.

(C) Urban Forestry Programme: The objective of this programme was to plant the flower trees for beauty in town and cities. As such trees may be plant in public parks, both side of roads and on personal land.