Write short note on Garbage (waste product).

Garbage (Waste Product)

Garbage is a great environmental hazard. Garbage comes from wastes, kitchen wastes, vegetable refuse, used papers, tiffin packings, plastic bags, ice cream wrappers, bottle caps, pencil stubs. Garbage makes the premises ugly, unkempt breeds disease and gives the impression of very poor house-keeping.

What can we do with Garbage

Do not burn it, because

(i) it contains materials that can be recycled, such as paper, metals and glass

(ii) it contains organic matter, such as leaves which can enrich soil fertility.

(iii) burning garbage causes pollution.

Maintain a Composit Pit: In a convenient location in or around the school campus make a compost pit where all refuse of organic matter can be used for making valuable fertilizer Fallen leaves, wastes food and other organic matter can be put into the pit with thin layers of soil and occasional sprinkling of water to help decomposition. The compost is better than chemical fertilizers and can be used in the school garden.

Grow a garden and plant trees: Planting trees is one of the most important things required for improving our environment. Look at your school campus and see how it can be made greener by growing a garden and planting trees. There is much to be learned about nature by watching plants grow and observing animals life.

Trees reduce the hazards of pollution and help maintain the carbon dioxide balance of the atmosphere. Make campus greening a part of the school’s educational programme.