Write down the Importance of soil? Give necessary suggestion to control the problem of desertification.

Importance of soil

Like rains, soil is also an important factor. Plants depend for their nutrient, water supply and anchorage upon the soil free floating, aquatic plants which derive their nutrients dissolved in water medium around them, soil is the chief storage of all the nutrients, which may available to the water medium. So soil system is indeed a complex and dynamic. Soil may affect plants by affecting seed germination, size and erectness of the plant, vigor of vegetative organs, woodiness of stem, depth of the root system, susceptibility to drought, frost and parasites, number of flower per plant and time of flowering.

Warning: (1909) has proposed five ecological groups of plants.
(1) Oxylophytes : found on acid soil.
(2) Halophtyes found on saline soil.
(3) Psammophytes found on sand.
(4) Lithophytes : found on rock surface.
(5) Chasmophytes : found in rock services.

Give necessary suggestion to control the problem of desertification.

Necessary suggestion to control the desertification:

(1) To control on animal pasture.
(2) Change in agriculture system.
(3) Spread human-conscious towards desertification.
(4) Right use of available water resources.
(5) Plantings in desert area.
(6) Ban on tree cutting.
(7) To ban unmanagable stone mines.
(8) To apply to desert develop programme.
(9) To make available other resources for fuel.
(10) Planting on hill area and other open area.
(11) To tell the local people about the famine and importance of trees.