Write short note on Strategies for conservation of wildlife

Strategies for Conservation of Wildlife : The conservation of living organisms is concerned with plants, animals and microbes of the biosphere in such a way that it would give great benefit to the present as well as future generations of man without reducing the potential. It takes into consideration the following objectives:

(i) Maintenance of ecological equilibrium between biotic and abiotic components.

(ii) Ensuring the optimum utilization of the existing plants and animals minimizing chance of their disappearance during the course of time.
(iii) Preservation of the total gene pools of the different species in the world.

It would be appropriate to mention some of the important steps proposed by various agencies of the world to save the existing wildlife.

(i) Wile life sanctuaries and national parks should be made keeping in mind the feeding, breeding and environmental needs of species concerned.

(ii) Proper planning of land and water utilization should be done to ensure the protection of wild life in their natural habitats such as zoo and botanic gardens.

(iii) Special attention should be given to conserve the species which fall in the category of endangered, vulnerable or rare species.

(iv) Attempts should be made at national level to identify natural habitats for specific wild animals and plants.

(v) The ecosystems having endangered or vulnerable species should be given priority with regard to their protection. The use of only such species or individuals should be allowed which will not disturb the balance in the ecosystem.

(vi) The protection of wild relatives of our food crops, forage plants and domesticated animals should be given priority because they are needed for introduction of desirable characters during the breeding programmes at national and international levels.

(vii) In the introduction of species between two countries, bilateral agreements should be reached to establish required network depending upon the need of the species.

(viii) Alternative measures should be adopted to allow the survival of a species being exploited by a country or a community or an industry.

(ix) The genetic diversity of a species should be safeguarded keeping in mind the international protection progammes, e.g., MAB (Man and Biosphere) project of UNESCO, and setting up of national parks and protected areas as suggested by JUCN.