Explain any one problem produced due to urbanization.

Health problem produced due to urbanization

Various type of pollution in the cities have become a world wide problem which has put the human health in danger Despite a rapid progress in medical science the number and the types of diseases have increased in developing countries. In urban areas the overcrowding and noise cause various type of mental and physical diseases. In most of the developing countries it is difficult to provide the town planning and format. With the populations movements towards the urban areas, the diseases like Trachoma, Tuberculosis, parasitosis, Skin diseases are imported. The inflow of people in the urban areas carries along with them. The water affluent and waste disposal problems which cause various diseases in society also act as urbanized pressure.

The poor ventilation in houses, the use of cow dung in food cooking, accumulation of inorganic material etc. cause the rural pollution but the significance of biowaste in making the fertilizers is understood by rural people and many of such tasks are performed by them by naked hands. The absence of proper cleanliness leads to increased population of mosquitoes and flies which are the vectors of various diseases. The growth of the population produces grave problem of habitat and the facilities are associated with it. Except few sky scrappers and new colonies a big part of the population of India is inhabiting in unhealthy situation. In rural areas the positions of huts made up of soil and their living conditions are very poor and are said to be highly dis-satisfactory. Continued increases in population not only produces the present day problems but also presents the acute problems of the future.

Presently the population is increasing with a rapid rate. Its main reason in mainly the low death rate (mortality) and an increase in average span due to better medical facilities, cleanliness and increased facilities for public

Unplanned industrialisation has far-reaching consequences on ecological balance. For agriculture, it is required to clear forests for land. Also for establishing settlements and factories land is cleared. These settlements and factories may cause pollution if they are not planned properly in terms of space and civic amenities like water and sanitation.

The waste of the factory may get mixed with the water of the local water bodies which would contaminate the water and make it unfit for consumption. The smoke and gases coming out of the chimneys would pollute the air, leading to respiratory disease. Unplanned industrialization would also lead to vehicular traffic, leading to air and noise pollution and overuse of ground water which would result in falling of the water table.