What are the common environmental problems of today, faced by the man living on earth  ?

It is inevitable that the people of the world today are facing some common environmental problems, which are as follows:

1. Warming up of the atmosphere on Earth : Combustion of large quantities of petroleum products and carbon compounds at the time of peace and also use of gun powder during wars, by the human beings caused unproportionate increase of percentage of gases like carbon-dioxide, carbon mono-oxide and methane in the atmosphere of earth. These gases are responsible for the increase of atmospheric temperature. It is likely to cause melting of arctic and Antarctic pole’s ice and consequently, release or large quantities of water into the sea affecting the human life in almost all continents on earth. At present the current level of methane gas in the atmosphere in more than twice, the highest at any time in the past years.

2. Hazardous atmosphere : World is heading for “acid rain” in earth which is caused by precipitation of dangerous gases like sulphur di-oxide, and ammonia. These gases are produced by the burning of petroleum products and gun powders. The dangerous “acid rain” contains mainly nitric acid and sulphuric acid, and other dangerous acids also.

3. Industrialisation : Mass cutting of tress and industrialisation all over the world have disturbed the ecological balance of the atmosphere. No doubt, to some extent we cannot avoid these factors on account of increasing population and developing economy. Though, certain measures have been undertaken by the Government to control population but they have been proved ineffective specially in India. Equally, economic factors, compel us to go for industrialization as the world is undergoing economic/industrial revolution. Therefore, in this context some amount of danger is unavoidable.

4. Hazardous Nuclear radiation: Large scale use of energy by the developed countries for military purpose as well as for peaceful purpose have posed a new threat to the human life on the earth. It is a pollution by nuclear radiation which increases radio-active elements in the atmosphere.

5. Appearance of holes in Ozone Layer of atmosphere : The ozone layer exists in the atmosphere covering the whole earth at about 20 to 60 kms. Above the earth’s surface. It is the ozone gas which terms the ozone layer. This ozone layer protects us from ultraviolet solar radiation rays. These rays are capable, of destroying living cells causing skin deceases. The Ozone gas is released by the union of atomic oxygen with the molecules of oxygen. The release of Fluro-carbons, nitrous oxide by the industries have damaged this atmospheric ozone layer and have caused holes in the atmospheric ozone layer which is a protective covering of earth. Consequently the ultraviolet sun rays are not reaching the earth which is the main factor likely to increase skin disease and skin cancer.